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Puente basculante - soportes - Herramientas

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A propos de la traduction Basculant mobile bridge for motor car - ToolAtelier

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Recepción programada para el<br>miércoles, 10 de abril de 2019
Recepción programada para el
miércoles, 10 de abril de 2019
Ideal, this bridge will makeit possible to tip your vehicle front-to-rear. Very useful for works aroundthe car asthe brakes, front/rear wheel-axle unit, bumper, tyres...

Product advantages :

- Minimal space,vertical storage against a wall
-Weight : 68kg
- Easy to transport (wheels)
- Lock anti-tilt for more safety
- Works with a crank (provided) or with a drill(not provided)
-Adjustable in 3 sizes

Technical informations :

Total vehicle capacity : 1500 kg
Lifting and tipping capacity: 1000 kg

Flatbridge dimensions : 156 x 120x 13 cm
Adjustablewidth :77,5 113 153 cm

Maximum & Minimum lift height :15 to 58 cm

CE Approved

To increase safety, it is recommended to use levelling control.

Fortheinstallation of the bridge, it is important to grease the tube and the threads of the screws.

Sold without a trolley, drain pan or vehicle

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