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Unil Opal oils - auto motor oils - Oils, greases, treatements

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A propos de la traduction 15 W 50 oil with additives, 2 l

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17 January 2019
GI-V5 has been designed tomeet the requirements of petrol and Diesel engines, naturally-aspirated and turbo-charged.

Regular use of GI-V5 in engines with a tendency to consume excess oil, enables this phenomenon to be markedly reduced GI-V5 also has other advantages, thanks to its specials molybdene and bismuth-basedadditives:

- The molybdene is a polar additive that attaches to lubricated metal parts and reduces the friction coefficient of parts in contact by 15 to 50% You will benefit from this every time you start your engine.This additive also reduces the sulphur and phosphorous content of the oil while achieving the same performance: this is therefore a benefit for the longevity of particle and NOx traps, sensitive to these elements.

- Bismuth is an additive that optimises the action of sulphur contained in oil, and which improves the anti-wear performance of lubricant by 14%.

Mineraloil with additives, 15 W 50 grade,
fluid when cold and thick when warm.
Standards ACEA A2/B2 - API SJ/CF - MB 229.1

A propos de la traduction UNILOPAL GI-V7 SAE 10W50 oil in a 2L can

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In stock, shipped today
17 January 2019
UNILOPAL GI-V7: semi-synthetic engine oil
Reinforced protection lubricant for all engines including turbos. Optimum lubrication when cold and exceptional protection at high temperatures. Limits lubricant consumption, thanks to its SAE 50 grade when warm.

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