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Tinning - body - Tools

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A propos de la traduction Tinning paste - 500 g

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24 July 2017
Tinning paste, 40% tin.

Consists of tin, lead and stripper. Grey colour.

Perfect for use in boiler-making, refrigeration, air-conditioning, electrical appliances and car bodywork.

Weight: 500 g

Instructions for use:

Apply this tinning paste using spatula UO99579 onto cleaned surfaces. Heat the area using a torch. The brown paste transforms into a shiny tin. Finish using a tin rod, ref. UO99577.
Once these steps are complete, rub sandpaper over these areas to ensure they are clean and are not rough.

Not suitable for food contact.

A propos de la traduction 1 tin rod - 33% - approx. 225 g

In stock
In stock, shipped
24 July 2017
Filler metal for welding. Binary tin and lead alloy. Tin rod: 33%

Tin content: Sn 33 + or - 1%
Lead content: Pb 67 + or - 1%

A propos de la traduction Stripping agent

In stock
In stock, shipped
24 July 2017
Next generation gel stripper for welding or tinning. Contains neither halogenated products that are dangerous to human beings, nor zinc chloride.

Weight: 200 g.

A propos de la traduction Solder paddle in treated wood

Under 4 weeks
Under 4 weeks
Special treated wood solder pallet offering protection when tin soldering.

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