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A propos de la traduction Boiling Type Brake Fluid Tester

Under 2 weeks
Under 2 weeks
- allows exact measurement
of the boiling point as in a laboratary
- measurement by thermal boiling method, the tester
boils brake fluid and the determined boiling
temperature can be read on the display
- short measurement process: 30 seconds
- 12-volt terminals for connection to the vehicle battery
- measuring directly on the vehicle or via pipette and
cup outside of the vehicle
- suitable for all brake fluids on glycolic base
(DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5.1)
- measuring range: up to 320°C
- the device is recommended by leading vehicle
manufacturers and corresponds
to the Austrian and Swiss test standards

A propos de la traduction Brake Fluid Tester

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24 May 2017
Identify percentage of water in brake fluid.
Suitable for Dot 3, Dot 4, Dot 5
Quick and simple tool with battery
Colour coded LEDs show level of water.
Colour coded LEDs show level of water.
Not suitable for silicone based Dot 5.1

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