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Strobe light - electric & ignition tools - Tools

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A propos de la traduction Timing light with advance feature ToolAtelier

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16 October 2018
Before describing this timing light with advance feature, it is useful to describe the working principle of the ordinary timing light (without advance feature).

The timing light is a light which works according to the strobe light principle. That is, a rotating part of the engine is described as stationary by reference to a very brief flash which occurs several times in synch with the rotation of the engine.

The part of the engine that is described as stationary by the use of the timing light is a timing mark that the vehicle manufacturer has placed on one of the rotating elements of the engine such as the fan belt pulley or the engine flywheel. There is always a fixed mark on the engine, close to the point where the mobile timing mark passes, which is used as a reference point for the mobile mark.

The timing light synchronises with the spark plug of cylinder no. 1 and flashes every time that the spark plug comes on.

Usage: 6/24 volts (A separate 12 volt battery must be used to power the timing gun)
Lead angle: up to 60 degrees
Max. rpm: 8000
Adjustable flash frequency: yes
Xenon bulb: blue/white
Flash capacity: 1,000,000
Surge protection: yes
Control lamp: yes

Instructions in French

A propos de la traduction Ampoule de rechange pour lampes stroboscopiques - réf TA00200 & TB00600

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In stock, shipped today
16 October 2018
Cette ampoule de rechange est pour les réfs TA00200 & TB00600.

Caractéristiques :

Longueur de l'ampoule : 28 mm
Longueur totale de la pointe à l'extrémité : 35 mm
Diamètre : environ 5 mm

A propos de la traduction Supastrobe Professional

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In stock
In stock, shipped today
16 October 2018
Suitable for 12 volt systems
Inductive pick up
Heavy duty timing light
Rubber nose protector
Rubber nose protector
Replaceable leads

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