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Start Pilot - treatments additives - Oils, greases, treatements

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A propos de la traduction Start Pilot for petrol and Diesel engines, 300 ml.

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18 January 2019
Start Pilot 300 ml engine starter is suitable for both petrol and Diesel engines and ensures you start instantly in all weathers. Just spraying for a second into the air filter inlet is sufficient.
This engine starter is suitable for both small 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines and is recommended for lawn mowers and boat engines.
Start Pilot lubricates the top ofthe cylinders from the first engine strokes, therefore limiting its wear. This product also prevents sudden explosions during starting.

Enginestart comes in the form of an aerosol and has a valve enabling it to be used in all positions.

- Spray for 1 second into the air filter inlet and actuate the starter motor.
- For petrol engines, accelerate gently while actuating the starter motor.
- For Diesel engines, starter in idle speed without using the pre-heating system

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