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Sledgehammers - hammers, saws and drill - Herramientas

Nombre de pièces : 2

A propos de la traduction Hammers with interchangeable ends

In stock
In stock, shipped
05 December 2016
- 207A: light series hammers" with aluminium body.
- 208A: "heavy" series hammers with steel body.
- A limited number of end-piece combinations is provided already fitted, but you can make your own hammer by choosing a body of mass

d [mm]: 32
Bits: EC - EB
Bits: EC - EB
Presentation: brass
Presentation: Brass
[kg]: 0.345

A propos de la traduction Massette fibre de verre - tête : Ø 35mm

Under 2 weeks
Under 2 weeks
Ø des têtes plastiques : 35 mm
Matière de la massette : fibre de verre

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