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Sand-blasting machine - sandblasting aerogommage - Tools

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A propos de la traduction Pressure sand-blasting machine - ToolAtelier

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22 October 2018
This sand blasting machine is supplied with a sand blasting gun with adeadman's handle,4 ceramic nozzles, a plastic funnel for loading abrasive,a 2.5 m abrasivepipe, a pressure surge safety valve and a pressure gauge and a filter withpressure regulator.

Consists of a regulating filter,a deadman's handle and a CE approved tank.

Maximum operating pressure: 8 bar

Air consumption of sand blasting machine at 5.5 bar

Nozzle------Flowrate------ Recommended pressure
2 mm-----200 l/min----- 2-3 bhp
2.5 mm----300 l/min------5.5 bhp
3 mm-----420 l/min------7.5 bhp
3.5 mm---710 l/min------10 bhp

It is not advisable to use aluminium oxide based, silicon carbide (almost completely artificialceramic from minerals) or noble corundum abrasives with ceramic nozzles.

A propos de la traduction Buses en céramique pour sableuse TA00217

In stock
In stock, shipped
22 October 2018
Ces buses en céramique sont utilisées sur les vannes de sablage de la sableuse réf TA00217.

Tailles des buses : 1.7 / 2.2 / 2.7 / 3.2 mm

A propos de la traduction Perles de grenaillage en verre - 5kg

Under 2 weeks
Under 2 weeks
Perles de grenaille pour sableuses et cabines de sablage.

Type : verre
Poids : 5 kg

Il est impératif d'utiliser des protections auditive et oculaire.

A propos de la traduction Gun for pressurised sand blaster

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In stock
In stock, shipped
22 October 2018
Gun for sand blaster with 4 different calibre nozzles as well as a trigger and jet shut-off.

Used on sand blaster part reference TA00217

A propos de la traduction Set of 4 ceramic sandblaster nozzles

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Out of supply<br>No supply date available
Out of supply
No supply date available
Nozzle sizes: 2 / 2.5 / 3 & 3.5 mm

For gun UO10713

A propos de la traduction Buse en céramique 5 mm pour pistolet de sableuse

Under 2 weeks
Under 2 weeks
Buse pour pistolet de sablage réf UO10713 ou équivalent.

Taille : 5 mm
Vendue à l'unité

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