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Rim cleaning - moto and scooter maintenance - LimpiezaCleaning

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A propos de la traduction Special motorbike Belgom rim cleaner - 250ml

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21 January 2019
Deposits of brake dust, salt on the roads, splashes from chain grease, etc. Motorbike rims are always taking a lot of punishment and need to be protected. Otherwise, the beautiful varnished paint on spoked wheel rims or superb chrome-plated wire wheels will last only one summer.

Rims are often the dirtiest parts of a motorbike, so you need a hefty product to renovate and maintain them. Belgom Rims contains phosphoric acid, which makes it particularly effective for deoxidising and cleaning all types of rims, whether they're painted or chrome-plated, or have wire wheels or spokes. However, its use is not recommended for rims in bad condition or that are 'powdered', or whose varnish is chipped.

Packaging: 250ml

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