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A propos de la traduction Grinder for 15 mm Injector Nozzle Seating Area

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In stock
In stock, shipped tomorrow
23 October 2018
- suitable for Mercedes CDI
- for cleaning nozzle seating area and nozzle chamber
before changing and replacing the injection nozzle
or if nozzle has a leak
- turn manually and apply soft pressure for clean fit of
the cylinder head and the nozzle and for cleaning the
nozzle chamber
- can also be used with 13 / 17 mm sockets
- 15.5 mm grinding head diameter for nozzle shaft and
fitting the nozzle in the cylinder head, length 230 mm
- 20.0 mm grinding head diameter for nozzle cleaning
at the nozzle, length of grinding head is 35 mm

A propos de la traduction 3-piece Glow Plug Repair Tool Kit

In stock
In stock, shipped tomorrow
23 October 2018
- for removal of pollution from the glow plug channel
and for extraction of stuck glow plugs
- pefect for Mercedes-Benz CDI engines
- tapered reamer M10 x 1.00 (4, 5 and 6 cylinder
engines OM611, 612, 613 and Smart CDI R660)
- tapered reamer M12 x 1.25
(4 valve engines OM604, 605, 606)
- glow plug extractor for glow plug threads SW10
(OM611, 612, 613)
Destocking: 40.73 € ATI instead of 68.00 € ATI, depending on the product availability.

A propos de la traduction Glow Plug Aperture Cleaner 10mm

Under 1 week
Under 1 week
For cleaning M10 glow plug apertures when replacing glow plugs
Particularly useful when the original glow plugs have been removed
Complete with depth stop and two guide bushes M10x1.0 and M10x1.25
1.0/1.25 thread

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