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Plastics cleaners - LimpiezaCleaning

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A propos de la traduction Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber Cream - 500 ml

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16 November 2018
Restores and protects, inside and outside.
Quickly and easily cleans,enhances and protects plastic surfaces, instrument panels, door and seat trims, vinyl ceilings, leathers, door and window seals, tyres, handles and the engine compartment.
Gloss or matt finish depending on how much is applied. Anti-static and water-repellent- Refreshing citrus fragrance.
Shake well. Apply with a clean, dry and lint-free cloth. Leave to dry for a few minutes. Repeat if necessary.
Rub lightly if marks appear.

A propos de la traduction Belgom Plastic Care - 500 ml

Customers' note : 46 votes
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In stock, shipped tomorrow
16 November 2018
U.V. rays are plastic's and rubber's worst enemy. Without action, they rapidly discolour and change from black to grey.
Belgom Plastic Care cleans and shines all plastic and rubber materials (instrument panel, vinyl roof, windscreen seal, etc.) giving them a silk sheen. It is also spectacularly effective on external components which are the most exposed to U.V rays: bumpers, struts, tyres, etc.
Belgom Plastic Care is dust-resistant and anti-reflective, it prevents the formation of traces of water on bumpers and also protects door seals from ice in the winter.

A propos de la traduction Meguiars Natural Shine Vinyl and Rubber - Interior plastics - 473ml

In stock
In stock, shipped tomorrow
16 November 2018
Meguiar's plastic repair cleaner.

Cleans and restores dashboards, seals and tyres to their original appearance.

Applies a UV protective film.

Non-greasy formula.

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