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A propos de la traduction Gas mobile heat generator

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Under 3 days
Under 3 days
This generator functions using the principle of direct combustion gas heating. A powerful fan propels air into a combustion chamber equipped with a burner. When air passes over the burner, all the heat given off by combustion is transferred into the outgoing air flow. The generator therefore achieves 100% thermal efficiency. The adjustment valve enables the power of the heat to be adjusted.

Size and weight:

Length (mm): 530
Width (mm): 280
Height (mm): 400
Outlet (mm) 280
Weight (kg): 11.5

Technical specifications:

Thermal output (kW): 12.4 - 31.2
Thermal output (kcal/h): 10 700 - 26 800
Airflow (m3/h): 750
Gas pressure (bar): 1.5
Gas consumption (kg/h): 1.0-2.5
Voltage: 230 V-50 Hz

The advantages of the product:

- Robust hot air generator
- Operates on propane or butane gas
- Adjustable power
- 100% heat efficiency
- Completely automatic
-Safety switch in the event of over-heating
- Twin solenoid valve to cut off the gas supply
- Has pre-fittings for connection to a room thermostat
- Suitable for outside use
- Fitted with an ignition system which is pressed to ignite the flame
- All our devices are supplied with a hose and gas pressure regulator.
- Ideal for heating rooms

1-year guarantee
Made in Italy

A propos de la traduction Fuel mobile heat generator

Paiement en plusieurs fois par carte bancaire
Under 3 days
Under 3 days
This heat generator has a pump which sends fuel under-pressure to the burner jet. The fuel is then vaporised and ignited in the combustionchamber. The engine fan creates a continuous air flow, which runs along the surfaces of the heat exchanger before being diffused through the front vent.

Size and weight:

Length (mm): 1405
Width (mm): 620
Height (mm): 790
Weight (kg): 76

Technical specifications:

Thermal output (kW): 52.5
Thermal output Kcal/h: 42,500
Airflow m3/h: 2 500
Engine W: 460
Tank capacity (Ls): 51
Fuel consumption (l/h): 4.8
Voltage:230 V - 50 Hz

The product advantages:

- Extremely rigid structure
- Runs on domestic fuel or Diesel
- Indirect combustion hot airgenerator
- High heat efficiency
- Ideal for dryingand heating
-Easy to use
- Overheating safety switch
-High-pressure fuel pump
- Suitable for permanent or back-up heating
- Has pre-fittings for connection to a room thermostat
-Suitable for external use

1-year guarantee
Made in Italy

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