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Injector sockets - and screwdrivers - Tools

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A propos de la traduction Special Socket Set 12-19 mm

Customers' note : 6 votes
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Under 1 week
Under 1 week
- especially suitable for pipeline fittings
- no widening because foot has special profile
- sizes 12,14,16, 17,18 and 19 mm with 1/2" drive
- angled, slotted socket with double hexagon
- length: 98 mm

A propos de la traduction Diesel Injector Socket 22mm

Customers' note : 13 votes
13 notas
In stock
In stock, shipped today
27 July 2017
Specially designed socket for removal and replacement of Diesel injectors without damaging the fuel lines.
Extra long 100mm for better access.
Outside diameter 29mm.
Outside diameter29mm.
Made from Chrome Vanadium.

A propos de la traduction Difficult Access Socket Set 3/8"D

Customers' note : 4 votes
4 notas
In stock
In stock, shipped today
27 July 2017
For use when access is difficult.
The sockets allows access to difficult pipe connectors and wiredsensor units (not lambda) and is very useful for the loosening of ABS pipes, master cylinder pipes, Diesel injection pipes and wired sensors (i.e. coolant sensors etc).
Sizes: 10mm | 11mm | 12mm | 14mm | 17mm | 19mm.
Supplied on socket rail.
Great time saver.

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