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A propos de la traduction Scooters from A to Z, brands & models

Under 1 week
Under 1 week
Bernard Soler-Thèbes and Jean Goyard, two journalists who are passionate about motorbikes and scooters, here present a magnificent photo album-book of famous scooter brands and models that were produced during the pre- and post-war periods, ranked into alphabetical order for the greatest enjoyment of fans of the genre.

Authors: B. Soler-Thèbes & J. Goyard
192 pages

A propos de la traduction Encyclopedia of French mopeds

Under 1 week
Under 1 week
In post-war France, owning a vehicle was a real problem. Whether it was for getting to the office, the workshop or the factory, you could of course use a bike, but it often meant you had to start off early in the morning and return home late, not to mention how tiring it was and hills that were always just as hard to climb! This is a world away from the bikes we see as recreational and sports machines.

Author: P. Negro
192 pages

A propos de la traduction Les mobs de course de mon père

Under 1 week
Under 1 week
Les compétitions réservées aux deux-roues motorisés ont commencé au début du xxe siècle et ont évolué en même temps que les machines. Au fil du temps, différentes catégories sont apparues : course de vitesse, de côte, d'endurance, motocross, trial, enduro, course sur glace, sur herbe, sur cendrée, rallye la liste est loin d'être exhaustive.

Auteurs : S. Onewater
120 pages

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