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Gearbox treatments - treatments additives - Oils, greases, treatements

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A propos de la traduction Mecacyl HY treatment for gear boxes - 100 ml

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21 January 2019
Mecacyl HY is used in mechanical or sequential gearboxes, differentials (classic, limited slip clutch, Torsen...), clutches, chains, rollers, base plate etc. for increased reliability, flexibility, to prevent wear and oxidisation, to improve gear changes, for quieter operation etc.

Packaging: 100 ml

A propos de la traduction Mecacyl treatment - Automatic gearbox - 100 ml

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21 January 2019
For your vehicle, Mecacyl:
-, enables the almost perfect transition from friction to sliding, and thus facilitates gear changes,
-, limits wear caused by friction and thus protects and prolongs the life of your gearbox,
-, prevents or reduces noise, thus moving towards silent operation, and eliminates humidity and oxides, cthus contributing to anti-oxidation.

Packaging: 100 ml

Suitable for a maximum of 5 litres of oil.

A propos de la traduction BoÃte 5 100 ml reduces noise and makes changing gear easier

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21 January 2019
BoÃte 5 is an additive specially-designed to protect your manual gearbox improve its operation. It compensates bearing wear and optimises the synchro ring's glide By reducing mechanical play created by wear, BoÃte 5 reduces operating noise and vibrations. With BoÃte 5, gears change more smoothly and more quickly

A propos de la traduction BARDAHL manual gearbox wear protection, 150 ml

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21 January 2019
Manual gearbox wear protection: extends the working life, makes changing gear easier and reduces running noise.

To add to your sump. Normal dosage: 10 % maximum of the sump capacity, observing the recommended oil level. Miscible in all types of oil, mineral, semi-synthetic, synthetic and Dexron.

A propos de la traduction Gearbox anti-wear treatment

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21 January 2019
Increases your gearbox's service life.
- Reduces mechanical wear,
- Assists in gear changes,
- Reduces running noise.
(not suitable for automatic gearboxes)

A propos de la traduction Bardahl Leak Stop for manual gearboxes, 150 ml

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21 January 2019
When should you use it?
It stops leaks and enables you to top up.
Avoids the need to replace very expensive parts.

Restores the original properties of internal and external O-rings.
Cleans the grooves in which the seals are housed.
Restores the performance of oil by adding new additives, extends the working life of mechanical components.
Does not repair cracked or broken seals, not effective on paper seals.

Using the extender, add the full content of the tube into the manual gearbox oil sump, observing the manufacturer's recommended level.

Not compatible with automatic and sequential gearboxes.
It is compatible with all oils used in manual gearboxes

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