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Engine diagnosis - ignition and start - Cars

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Redtech is a diagnostic product intended for old-timers cars and bikes, it allow to obtain in a few minutes an indication about the condition of an engine. This innovative product should be used on the exhaust pipes of your engine and after a few minutes of working it indicates you the cylinder(s) which have an abnormal output.
With Redtech, the identification of the defecting cylinder is made in record time and without disassembling. Furthermore, Redtech allow you to detect a cylinder whose output is significantly lower than the other cylinders, while the difference is not always detected just by listening (including on a 4-cylinders engine)

The advantages of Redtech:
* Allow to rapidly obtain an indication about the working of an engine
* No tools are required for the implementation
* It fits in your pocket and can be brought on a visit in preparation for a purchase
* Unequalled efficiency/price balance

Recommendation: this product is directly utilizable on the exhaust pipes, be sure that these are accessible and not covered by insulation strips or other protections.

Use :
1 - Cold and turned off engine, apply the vignettes on the pipes or the exhaust manifold at equal distance of the cylinder.
2 - Start the engine and wait that one the vignettes take the pink color of the circumference.
3 - As soon as the central part attains the circumference color on one of the vignettes, stop immediately the engine.

Use the PDF document to download to analyze the results of the test.

A propos de la traduction Redtech - Diagnostics for 8-cylinder engines

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In stock, shipped
24 April 2017
REDtech 8 is designed to perform quick and reliable diagnostics on 8-cylinder engines, regardless of the engine architecture (V, in-line, flat, etc.).

The product can be used on Chryslers, Fords, AC Cobras, etc., for example, on condition that each cylinder has its own exhaust pipe.

Pouch containing 16 patches enabling 2 tests to be performed.
Destocking: 14.00 € ATI instead of 19.00 € ATI, depending on the product availability.

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