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A propos de la traduction Purgeur de frein et d'embrayage hydraulique automatique

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20 August 2018
Ce système de purge se raccorde sur le réservoir de votre ancienne avec l'un des capuchons fournis dans ce kit. Le liquide de frein neuf est pressurisé en reliant le tube à la roue de secours. Desserrer ensuite l'une après l'autre les vis de purge et laisser le liquide usagé et les bulles d'air s'échapper par le tubede vidange.

La purge sous pression des systèmes hydrauliques de freinage et d'embrayage est recommandée par la plupart des constructeurs.

Description :

- 3 flexibles de 3,5 x 303 mm / 5,4 x 303 mm / 5,4x 183 mm
- Capuchon de 25 mm (pour systèmes Lockheed)
- Capuchonde 27 mm (pour système VAG)
- Capuchon de 44/45 mm et 2 joints d'étanchéité (pour systèmes Girling & tous les systèmes ATE)
- Capuchon de 46 mm (pour systèmes Girling)
- 1 bouteille

A propos de la traduction Manual Brake Bleeder 2.0L

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20 August 2018
This manual brake blender dispositive is suitable to be used with the most of tanks of master cylinder, measures 38 to 88.9 mm (1 1/4" to 3 1/2").

Inside diameter of the plug : 42 mm

Delivered with an european adaptator.

Security advice :
- Let escape all the pressure of the brake blender dispositive and drain the fluids tanks if the dispositive is not used.
- Don't use if the dispositive is

A propos de la traduction Budget Suction Brake Bleeding Kit

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20 August 2018
Ideal for bleeding brakes and clutches via the bleed nipple.
Can also be used to transfer brake fluid from the holding bottle to difficult to reach master cylinders for example as found on late model (2007) Ford C-Max and the rear master cylinder on the Triumph 1050 Sprint ST motorcycle.
Ideal for roadside emergencies.
Quick and easy to use.
Quick and easy to use.
Instructions provided.

A propos de la traduction Versatile cap for bleeding brakes or clutch on LV or HGV

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20 August 2018
- Can be used to bleed brakes or clutch on 90% of vehicles (in particular Asian brands, exceptHonda).
- Can be used to bleed clutch on heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).
- It's system of claws covers the wide variety of bayonet forms or different types of thread diameter used on the vehicles in circulation.- Functional diameter: 35 --> 83 mm.- Minimum clearance height required above the tank: 80 mm.- Maximum drain valve service pressure: 3 bar.- Connection by Rectus series 21 male coupler.- 90° swivel connector.- Dimensions (lxwxh): 115x 195 x 85 mm.Weight : 475 g

A propos de la traduction Universal adapter for automatic bleeder - 21 => 90 mm

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20 August 2018
This adapter allows you to use the automatic bleeder ref.: UO10630/UO20133 or equivalent on awider range of vehicles.

This "plug" can therefore be used on all brake fluid reservoirs with any shape that have a filler cap size between 21and 90 mm.

A propos de la traduction Pneumatic brake circuit bleeder - ToolAtelier

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20 August 2018
You can bleed your brakes very easily with this portable brake bleeder.

This tool is highly effective for draining and filling braking systems on most vehicles. This kit is supplied with various connectors so that it can be adapted to a large number of braking systems.

Sizes (w x L x H): 225 x 135 x 192 mm
Operating pressure: 6 to 12 bars

A propos de la traduction Expansion tank cap for automatic bleed valve UO20133

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In stock, shipped
20 August 2018
Replacement cap for bleed valve UO20133.

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