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Carburetor cleaners - mecanic cleaners - Oils, greases, treatements

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A propos de la traduction Carburetor cleaner, 500 ml spray

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21 January 2019
Cleans and degreases the different parts of the carburetor, starter, injection wells or intake manifold. Used in Diesel to clean an EGR valve.
Eliminate quickly oils, gums, varnishes and other stubborn stains. Comes with a pipette to a specific use. The ideal product for any renovation carburetor or injection!
UNILOPAL: a professional range for the particular service.

Tip : the spray can not be delivered by plane (DOM TOM)

A propos de la traduction CARBU CLEANER IpOne carburettor cleaner - 750 ml aerosol

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In stock, shipped
21 January 2019
CARBU CLEANER degreases and eliminates deposits around and inside the carburettor.
Its multi-position spray nozzle allows you to combine a powerful spray with a more precise one as necessary.

Spray the product onto the parts that are to be cleaned. Dry using compressed air.

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