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A propos de la traduction Motul break cleaner - Professional quality - 750 ml

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29 May 2017
Motul Brake Clean is a powerful degreasing, without chlorine for breaks and mechanical pieces.

It's exclusive formula is specially developed for dissolve quickly and without rubbing, any oil, coal or grease trace.

It evaporates quickly without trace. It helps to the installation and desinstallation of mechanical pieces. MOTUL BRAKE CLEAN is a very strong product, it should not be used on plastic pieces, paints or lacquer.

Attention. Aerosols can't be shipped on plane. (DOM TOM)

A propos de la traduction Break cleaner - Break 5 - 500ml

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In stock, shipped
29 May 2017
Solvents synergye, that allow an extreme wettability.
Strong pressure: 6 to 6.5 bar
Controlled evaporation.
Directional jet
Non-staining and non-residual product
500ml Spray.
Attention: sprays are not delivered by plane (DOM TOM)

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