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A propos de la traduction Book: The BMW Story, Racing and Production motorcycles from 1923 to the present day

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Under 7 days
Max Friz's R32 of 1923, the first BMW boxer twin motorcycle, set BMW on a path that would continue for the next 80 years. Although the twin has predominated, some of the most popular BMW motorcycles have been singles and the K-series triples and fours. BMW has never been afraid of innovation, from the supercharger of the 1920s and 1930s, the telescopic then Earles fork, wind-tunnel-developed fairings, anti-lock brakes and Paralever swing arms. Here is the full story of all the BMW road and racing machines and the people who designed them, including classic machines such as the Kompressor, RS54, R69S, R90S and R100RS, as well as the latest R1150 and K1200.
270 x 210 mm, 176 pages, 150 illustrations including colour

Manual in English
Manuel en anglais,
Dictionnaire technique Anglais/Français disponible en téléchargement en cliquant ici
Dictionnaire technique Anglais/Espagnol disponible en téléchargement en cliquant ici

A propos de la traduction Les archives du collectionneur (Collector's Archives) edition on the BMW Flat Twin

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28 May 2018
For BMWs from 1935 to 1954:
- R12
- R51 - R51/2 - R51/3
- R61
- R66
- R67 - R67/2
- R68
- R71
- R75

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