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Anti-rust treatments - treatments additives - Oils, greases, treatements

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A propos de la traduction Rustol Owatrol multi-purpose colourless rust inhibitor - 1l

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15 November 2018
- Colourless rust inhibitor with great wetting ability. Expels air and humidity from the substrate.
- Can be applied directly onto the rust.
- Forms a protective, isolating and flexible film.
- Bonding film for all types of substrate.
- Easy to use

A propos de la traduction Anticorrosion high resistance Rustol CIP Primer - 500ml

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15 November 2018
Rustol CIP (Corrosion InhibitorPrimer) anti-rust treatment

- Apply directly onto new and very rusty, oxidised brackets. The rust will then be impregnated by the product which will then stabilise it/stop it spreading further.

- Can be painted over or coated with all types of single-component and multicomponent paints such as epoxy, polyurethane, chlorinated rubber, automotive paint or boat paint, etc.

- Ideal for challenging atmospheric conditions (seaside, corrosive fumes, etc.).

- Withstands high temperatures (175°C).

500ml container

A propos de la traduction 3-IN-ONE Rust Stop aerosol - 250 ml

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15 November 2018
With a basis of high-quality resins, the Technical 3-IN-ONE Rust Stop really is a 3-in-1 product: it penetrates rust into the smallest of pores (1), blocks it from the moment it dries and thus prevents spread (2) and leaves a colourless film that protects on the long-term (3). Technical 3-IN-ONE Rust Stop preserves the appearance of rusted raw or distressed metal. At least two coats are applied, which can then be followed up with a coat of special paint for iron, if the metal is to be decorated. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it can be applied to multiple substrates such as garden tools, gates, wheelbarrows, metal garden furniture, fixtures etc.

A propos de la traduction Autosol Rust Ex rust inhibitor - 250 ml

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15 November 2018
From the brand Autosol, this product removes traces of rust from the surface of chrome and stainless steel.
It contains an active agent that enables it to make small spots of rust disappear. It leaves behind a protective layer to prevent new contamination.
Contains no toxic substances.

Packaging: 250 ml canister

A propos de la traduction Anti-rust treatment, 90 ml

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15 November 2018
This Frameto treatment completely transforms rust, stops its development, forming with it, a highly-resistant, long-lasting black protective layer. Metal shutters, radiators, water pipes, cars, motorbikes, boats, grills, garden furniture, tools, etc.


Clean with a hard brush and then a cloth to remove all loose dust and paint, dirt and grease. Shake well, then pour the product into a non-metallic recipient. Apply with the brush, dab and smooth out.

Use the product at a temperature of between 10°C and 40°C. For maximum protection, apply 2 coats to the surface. Before applying metallised, vinyl or latex paints, a cellulose coat is essential. Do not pour used product back into the bottle. After use, clean your hands and brushes with soapy water. Keep out of direct sunlight. Heat resistant up to 130 °C. Biodegradable. Does not contain lead. Not recommended for surfaces which undergo extended submersion. Keep away from children. For metallised, vinyl and latex paints, a coating is essential.

This rust protection treatment forms a black protective layer in 15 minutes.

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