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Anti-mosquitoes / anti-droppings - body maintenance - Limpieza

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A propos de la traduction Ultra Remover - Démoustiqueur anti-fientes - 500 ml

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27 February 2017
Démoustiqueur anti-fientes qui dissout les résidus d'insectes et les fientes d'oiseaux, même incrustés.
Il permet une meilleure couverture des salissures et rend le nettoyage plus efficace.
Protège et respecte toutes les carrosseries.
Certifié NF Environnement : Produit écologique et formule plus efficace que celle des concurrents.

Pulvérisateur : 500 ml

A propos de la traduction Autoglym Ultra-Active Insect remover 500 ml

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In stock
In stock, shipped today
27 February 2017
Concentrated foam designed to dissolve the remains of insects crushed on the body, windscreen and vehicle headlights.
Shake well. Spray the product onto the surface which you wish to clean.
Leave for approximately 30 seconds so that the insect remains soften. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth. Finally, wash the surface with dry paper or rinse it with hose if you are using the product before washing the car normally.

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